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Spring cleaning with Karndean

Posted on the 21/08/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Spring is almost here! This means it’s that time of the year to do a home de-clutter, sifting through, clearing out, deep cleaning the home in general, and keeping your floors sparkling clean.

Vinyl flooring is not only popular because of how affordable and versatile it is, but it’s also incredibly easy to take care of the day-to-day.

RKT2414 MezzoPerla OpenPlanKitchen  LS_CM.jpg

Korlok Stone in our Rigid core hybrid format - RKT2414 Mezzo Perla 

How to clean vinyl and hybrid flooring.

Before we start, let’s look at how it’s designed. If you didn’t know already, all of our wood and stone effect products are designed to be hard-wearing and easy to look after, with an enhanced surface treatment, K-Guard+. Protecting your floors against everyday wear, scuffs, and spills, our added surface protection in combination with a straightforward cleaning regime makes Karndean the ideal choice when it comes to flooring practicality. What’s more, it’s stylish with designs to match any décor or style.

RKP8101 BalticWashedOak LivingRoom_Cameo7 LS_CM.jpg

Korlok planks in our Rigid core hybrid format - RKP8101 Baltic Washed Oak

Follow our simple steps to rejuvenate your Karndean floor so it looks just like it did the first day it was installed!

• Step 1: Visit your local Karndean retailer and purchase your Karndean Clean start kit.
• Step 2: Set the routine cleaner to the side for now - for spring cleaning we start by using Karndean Remove and Refresh!
• Step 3: It’s time to get rid of the dust. Get your broom or vacuum out and remove all dust from your Karndean Floor!
• Step 4: Use Karndean Remove to prepare your floor for the ultimate refresh. Remove strips off all grease and ingrained dirt.
• Step 5: Rinse your floor well.
• Step 6: Apply two or three thin coats of Refresh. Don’t forget to let each coat dry before applying the next one!
• Step 7: Use Karndean Clean, step back and prepare to be amazed.
• Step 8: Have a party – all your friends will be talking about that “new” floor you have, we guarantee it!


Clean Start Kit

What is the best way to clean floors?

Sweep with a soft brush or vacuum, then wipe with a damp mop, using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly after wiping. To remove scuff marks, use a cloth dipped in neat washing-up liquid or white spirit, then rinse off.

For more information head to our cleaning and maintenance page
And remember, you can purchase our three-step Clean Kit from your nearest participating retailer.

Download our cleaning and maintenance guide

Understanding your vinyl flooring and pre-emptive care

Waterproofing – Vinyl and hybrid floors offer full waterproofing, however, it is still inadvisable to flood the floors since water will seep through into the subfloor. This can lead to many problems including subfloor damage if it’s made of wood and mould growth.

Installing curtains and blinds - You may have heard this one, but all flooring types have a weakness against continual strong sunlight. Exposure to UV light, especially the Australian and New Zealand sun can cause fading of the colour. We recommend that Karndean floors are not placed in areas of direct and/or unfiltered UV exposure as failure to properly protect the product from UV damage may result in fading or discolouration.

Place Felt Pads on Furniture Legs / Entrance door mats - Karndean recommends that rubber or latex backed matting, tyres not be used as they can cause permanent damage to the floor. Now that the necessary pre-emptive measures are taken, you will require much less effort and frequency when it comes to cleaning your Karndean stone or wood look floors.

How do I keep my floors clean for longer?

We all know how quickly dirt, dust, and grime build-up. Prevention is better than cure. Use doormats at entrances, take your shoes off and ask guests to do likewise, and groom pets regularly and always outdoors. Immediately wipe up any spills, especially on porous surfaces like marble.

Share your freshly cleaned Karndean flooring with us on our Instagram by tagging us @Karndean_anz