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Our predictions for home style in 2019

Posted on the 28/01/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Last year saw plenty of fun styles in our homes with animal trends including unicorns, flamingos and llamas. We’re predicting a cosy and comfortable feel to interiors in 2019, but which styles will win a place in our affections?

Here are five home styles we think we’ll all be loving this year. 

Dark and moody shades

Images from Pinterest (left, centre, right)

In 2018 we started to see bolder shades being used to create an intimate and indulgent look, with mustard, peacock shades of teal and emerald green, and blues so dark they’re almost black.

This year, we’ll be seeing more of these dark, moody shades on matt painted walls, in bold floral wallpapers, or as feature pieces of furniture. 

Alternatively, to give depth to neutral colour schemes, accessories in sultry dark hues combined with metallic accents will be introduced for a flexible way of ringing the seasonal changes.

Nordic seasonal chic  

Images from Pinterest (left, centre, right)

We’ve taken the Scandinavian concepts of hygge (meaning ‘cosiness’) and lagom (meaning ‘just enough’) to our hearts and have embraced the trends’ comfortable and cosy interior styles. This year will see a more mature Scandi theme, with carefully curated collections of possessions that hold special memories.

Create this warm and welcoming feel in your home and enjoy the simple pleasures of life with a profusion of textured soft furnishings, scented candles, vases of seasonal flowers and artisan items in sustainable materials such as wool, wood and ceramics.

This look works best with a calming natural colour scheme. For the very latest look, consider amber or blush shades that bring warmth and positivity such as Spiced Honey, Dulux’s colour of the year, or Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball. 

Bring the outdoors in

Images from Pinterest (left, centre, right) 

Mental wellbeing and environmental issues are big news and this will be reflected this year in a greater focus on emotional connections with the great outdoors. 

Including natural themes in our interiors brings a feeling of well-being. Bringing plants, organic materials and sunlight into our homes help to ground us to the seasons and relieves the stresses of everyday life. 

Last year, we were all loving the natural look that low-maintenance succulents brought into our homes. This year we will be encouraged to nurture a wider selection of houseplants to bring a lush natural feel to our homes. Alternatively, ring the changes with glorious bouquets of flowers or statement prints.

Geometric patterns 

Images from Pinterest (left, centre, right)

Geometric patterns introduce contemporary flair and an edgy drama to your home. A striking, elegant look can be achieved with architectural patterns in subtle shades. 

For a bold style, feature a large-scale patterned wallpaper in moody shades or a nature-inspired beehive hexagon pattern. For a subtle version of this look, introduce elements of geometric pattern with a large rug or accessories.

This trend works well with metallic accents so, whether you prefer the luxurious look of rose gold and copper or the industrial vibe of tin and pewter, choose your metal and create a coordinated theme throughout your home.

Parquet flooring 

Blond Oak AP01, Urban Spotted Gum KP141 and Rose Washed Oak KP95

A classic flooring choice, the eye-catching patterns of parquet introduce the character to your interior. From traditional warm honey tones to contemporary greys, a parquet floor is a sure-fire way to create interest and a sense of flow in your home.

This versatile flooring offers a wealth of beautiful designs, from the striking diagonals of traditional herringbone to contemporary interpretations in brick, block or chevron patterns.

To achieve this look in a large open plan space, laying full-sized planks in a herringbone pattern will make a real statement in your room and bring out the character of the wood grain and knots.

Which styles have caught your eye for 2019? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Instagram or Facebook.