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Creative Grey Combinations

Posted on the 16/01/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Just like black, grey can be paired with almost any colour of the rainbow. Its neutral, modern, minimalistic tones can go with just about anything.

If you’re thinking about grey floor tiles or wood planks across our gluedownlooselay or rigid core product range, take a look at two particularly interesting colours we think work well with a grey scheme. 

Blue and Grey

There are so many shades of blue that can be used for interior styling, each offering its own look when teamed with grey flooring. Aqua blue, for instance, is refreshing and soothing, royal blue-grey is moody and elegant, while baby blue is playful and airy. 

Image: Korlok Washed Grey Ash RKP8104

Blue is versatile and can be used both as an accent or statement. When picking the right shade of blue for your grey floor and overall interior, think about the type of ambience you want to create. 

If you’re after something more subtle, use blue as an accent colour. If you’re looking to create a statement space, make blue more defined throughout your space. 

Rose Pink and Grey

Unlike the harshness of red, rose pink is light, sweet and stylish. From its use in beauty packaging to its popularity in metallic form as a base iPhone colour, it continues to appeal to a widespread audience in many different ways.

AUNZ_Karndean Colour Series Grey_Rose Pink and Grey.jpg
Image: LooseLay Pearl Oak LLP306

When pairing rose pink with a paler grey floor, the combination is gentle and elegantly chic. Evoking a throwback to 80s fashion, the pastel combination is playful without going over the top, and because both colours are light, the rose gold can be used more sparingly throughout. 

If you’re opting for a darker grey floor, use rose pink as your accent colour and think about adding white to tie it altogether while keeping it fresh. 

Green and Grey

The symbolism of grey and green is quite dissimilar. Grey is cool, conservative and modern, whereas green embodies freshness, growth and life.  Although quite different, the two colours are able to subtly balance each other out. 

AUNZ_Karndean Colour Series Grey_Green and Grey.jpg

Image: Korlok Oxford Grey RKT2409

When infusing green into your grey colour scheme, you can create visual appeal by blending various shades. From leafy indoor plants and pistachio toned pillows to moss coloured rugs, the variation in green reflects natural colour variation in nature.  

Similar to other colour pairings, be sure to think about the proportions when using green with your grey floor. 

Do you have a grey floor? Tell us about your unique colour combinations on Facebook or Instagram that work with grey flooring.