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Purchasing Guide for Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We understand that selecting the perfect Karndean luxury vinyl (LVP LVT) flooring for your home can pose a challenge. That's why we present our beautiful, design-oriented flooring options available in loose lay, rigid core hybrid (complete with coordinating accessories), or gluedown flooring format options.

Choose Your Perfect Design

Select a design from our diverse range of luxury vinyl floors:

Explore our brochures and catalogues. This ensures you attain the exact design you desire in the preferred format. Consult your installer or retailer to explore available choices.

Request Complimentary Samples

Request up to six free Karndean flooring sample swatches delivered free to your home through. Colours, textures and embosses can change dramatically with the nuances of shifting light patterns, and this is particularly true when considering the impact of natural light on your home.

Find out more about how to road test your sample swatches

Visualise Your Space

Visualise our luxury vinyl flooring in your room using our remarkable Floorstyle interior visualisation tool. Upload a photo of your space and pick from our array of stunning flooring options to witness the potential transformation. Considering the overall look of the floor is important given the natural variation between planks and tiles.

Locate a Stockist 

Locate your nearest Karndean flooring stockist, via our Find a Retailer tool. Visit the store in person or contact your selected local retailer to arrange a free measurement and quote, as well as to discuss your purchase and installation preferences. Alternatively, you can visit our Showroom in Knoxfield, Melbourne.

Find out more about how to select you’re your flooring retailer

Installation and Aftercare

Explore Installation Advice, Aftercare, and Product Selection

Share Your Project Transformation

Share your home's 'before' and 'after' transformation photos with us via social media by tagging us @karndean_anz.

Get inspiration from real-life home transformations

Retain Documentation

Retain all purchase and installation documents. Access the comprehensive warranty here.

Following these steps will help you make an informed choice for your luxury vinyl flooring project and grasp the changes that your selected flooring will bring about. 

This involves comprehending the extent of variations in look, colour, texture, emboss, and natural replication of grain among individual planks within your chosen design. Elevate your home's aesthetic with the beauty of Karndean luxury vinyl flooring.


It’s good to note…

Imagery and Design Reproduction - Photography and print cannot always produce a perfect representation of our products. This includes colour, pattern variation, texture/emboss and installation elements used. For this reason, we strongly recommend obtaining a product sample and where possible viewing a larger sample in-store.