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Vulcano LLT211

Vulcano is the darkest stone-effect tile in our concrete collection. It provides an overall impression of dark uniformity with a deep charcoal hue, but closer inspection reveals slight grey undertones that bring a surprising warmth to this elegant flooring solution.

The subtlety of Vulcano's dark patterning and detail make it the perfect backdrop for contemporary style. Its understated and discreet beauty is a perfect complement to natural timbers, painted finishes, textured brick and pops of optimistic colour. Explore your timeless style with Vulcano.

With their slight variations, our large format tiles combine an authentic look of dark-stained concrete with all the benefits of our LooseLay Originals design. Our luxury vinyl flooring is engineered to be quiet and comfortable underfoot, and with its K-Wave® friction grip backing, it's also designed for quick and easy installation.

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