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Design Strips

Create a space that is unique to your home by adding a decorative border or one of our design strips.

Add a keyline or tramline border to define your living space. A single strip can run along the edge of the room or around furniture. Try a decorative geometric or pattern border on your stone effect floor or a floral pattern around a wood effect floor. The design possibilities are endless and your own unique style can be captured with a Karndean floor.

Our design strips can be placed between tiles to create a natural grouting effect or to enhance the design of your floor. Choose from a range of tones and textures, available in various sizes. Your retailer will be able to assist you in selecting the right decorative strip for your floor.

All of these design options are available to you as you personalise your Karndean floor.


Design Strips

The following design strips are available with all Opus designs and available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm widths, unless otherwise specified. 

REN34 Utah REN34UtahDesignStrip.jpg
J86 Gold J86GoldDesignStrip.jpg
P504 Beechwood P504BeechwoodDesignStrip.jpg
MP3 Burnt Ash MP3BurntAshDesignStrip.jpg
P702 Golden Teak P702GoldenTeakDesignStrip.jpg
P802 Mahogany P802DesignStrip.jpg
J89 Mercury J89MercuryDesignStrip.jpg
DS12 Concrete
DS15 Clay
DS10 Chalk*

*Only available in 3mm & 5mm widths.


The following design strips are available for use with all Knight Tile floors and are available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm widths.

DS10 Luna**


ST5 Soapstone


ST3 Aurora


T100 Orkney***


KP35 Cedar


KP107 Sienna


**Only available in 3mm widths.

***Also available in 30mm widths.


Grout Strips

 The following grout strips are available with all Opus floors in 3mm widths.

AF06 Beige


AF05 Ivory


AF04 Taupe


AF02 Brown


AF07 Chestnut


AF01 Black



Metallic Strips

The following metallic strips are available with all Opus, Knight Tile and Art Select* floors in 3mm, 5mm & 10mm widths.



Copper CopperMetallicStrip.jpg

*Due to Art Select's bevelled edge, these strips can only be used between planks or tiles and not along a cut edge. 


Feature Strips

The following feature strips are available with all Opus, Knight Tile and Art Select*

Feature strips are available in a range of colours at 5mm wide. Use to create a subtle border or ships decking effect to complement wood planks.

Black^ BlackFeatureStrip.jpg
Grey^ GreyFeatureStrip.jpg
Light Brown LightBrownFeatureStrip.jpg
Light Grey† † Light-Grey-Feature_DS.jpg
Gold GoldFeatureStrip.jpg
Stone Feature-Stone_DS.jpg
Beige BeigeFeatureStrip.jpg
Chocolate Chocolate-Feature_DS.jpg

Colours available in Australia only

†† Colours available in New Zealand only

^ Colours also compatible with Van Gogh range in New Zealand only