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Selecting flooring for small spaces

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Small spaces can be tough to decorate and although you might not have too much space to play with, you don't have to play it safe when it comes to decorating your smaller rooms. Keep them looking great by mastering the art of illusion, with a few simple tricks and tips to help you transform your interior into a space to be proud of.


Selecting the right colour scheme for your room is essential. Focus on brightening your space so that light can shine in all the right places, highlighting your interior style and transforming the look and feel of the smaller space.

If you want to really make the most of the area, opt for a pale colour scheme to lift the overall look and bring light into your home. A simple, effective way to brighten up the place is with a light-toned floor. Popular colourways include; beige, white and grey, all of which are neutral colors that can be enhanced and customised. Take a look at three of our current favourites...

Grey Scandi Pine

Grey Scandi Pine KP131

If you’re looking for a fresh, neutral canvas, this one’s for you. The subtle blend of white tones in our Grey Scandi Pine combine natural grain details and textures to create a soft and elegant look. These planks have a striking, crisp finish to make your space feel beautifully bright and airy. Perfect for accessorising with simple, scandi-style furnishings and fresh white textiles. Like this look? You may also like our Bleached Tasmanian Oak.

Limed Silk Oak

Limed Silk Oak RP96

If you’re looking for a cooler, darker shade, consider Limed Silk Oak from our Da Vinci range. Featuring traditional 3" wide planks, this style brings all the detailing of natural hardwood, without overpowering your small space. 


Grano WP311

Finally, Grano from our Opus range gives you a contemporary, clean grey-washed wood look, providing a modern and versatile backdrop to any room design. Our Grano planks will help your small space become a modern escape, adding depth and character to your home. Magna is another similar option, with the addition of some brown undertones.

Create an Illusion

Small spaces - Harvest Oak and Urban Spotted Gum

Harvest Oak RP103 and Urban Spotted Gum KP141

There are many tips and tricks interior designers use to create the appearance of a bigger space. For example, laying your floor in a straight, traditional style will elongate the space, and laying your floor at an angle, or in a herringbone or in a chevron pattern will help the space appear wider. Experiment with laying patterns before you make your choice to get a feel of how it can affect the room. You can even add design strips and specialised borders to give your floor extra stand-out appeal.

Plank size

Part of creating an illusion is determining your plank size. Do you prefer the look of extra large planks laid straight? Or small planks laid in a parquet design? Both of these styles will work when it comes to maximising your space and will look beautiful combined with a light-toned floor. Make this decision based on preference: which one will suit the rest of your decor?

Small spaces - Pure Fabric Oak and Auburn Oak 

Pure Fabric Oak LLP329 and Auburn Oak AP02

From our extra-long Karndean LooseLay planks to our traditional feel Art Select range, there are plenty of great flooring options available to suit your small space. With the added bonus of being simple to care for as well as coming with a lifetime guarantee, a Karndean floor is the ideal solution to take your space from small to spectacular.

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