Colour Series: White

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With its bright finish that both reflects and draws light, a white coloured floor helps to make a room feel more spacious. It can be opulent with a marble effect, beachy with a white-washed wood or simply ultra-modern with its clean and fresh look.  

Like black and grey, white is neutral and works with most colour palettes. With a wide variety of colour combinations to choose from, we’ve selected three on-trend looks and shades that work best with a white floor.   

White and Warm Timbers 

A white floor works best as a blank canvas and is perfect to show off the natural materials in your space. Warm timber finishes from rustic oak dining tables, timber benchtops or structural features like ceiling cross beams add a sense of warmth and cosiness to the space, and help to offset the starkness of the white.

Karndean Colour Series - White and wood flooring

Image: White Washed Oak VGW80T

Alongside a white floor, lighter wood finishes will help to create a Scandinavian look and keep the space feeling bright and open. If you’re looking to complement your white floor with darker timber finishes, think about using it in smaller doses that won’t compromise the overall feeling openness of the space. 

White and Grey

A subtle and safe combination, white and grey work well together as both are neutral tones. With this pairing, the use of grey doesn’t have to be limited to wall paint, soft furnishings or specific pieces within the home. It’s abundance in the natural world like stone and slate offers yet another opportunity for natural materials to take centre stage alongside a white floor.

Karndean Colour Series - White and grey flooring

Image: Bleached Tasmanian Oak LLP311

If opting for grey to complement your white look floor, think about also adding some bold colourful pieces to add character to the space. 

White and Pastels  

With the resurgence of Scandinavian style, white and pastel is another popular combination. Baby blues and pinks are no longer confined to the kids rooms; it’s a sleek, mixable and modern take on the retro look.   

Karndean Colour Series - White and Pastel

Image: Alderney LM03

Opt for a mix of pastels to achieve a bold effect in soft colours or use sparingly to add pops of colour but keep the space clean and bright.
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