LooseLay Longboard Lemon Spotted Gum

We're introducing our new LooseLay Longboard for extra impact

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We're unveiling our longest plank to date as part of our new LooseLay Longboard collection - a huge 1.5 metre long plank design! 

LooseLay Longboard features 12 sophisticated and contemporary wood designs, each inspired by authentic Australian, European and American woods including blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak and spotted gum, to name but a few. 

Enhancing our popular Karndean LooseLay range, LooseLay Longboard introduces a 1500mm x 250mm format with a 0.55mm wear layer and 4.5mm thickness.  

Our unique collection is designed for quick and easy installation, meaning less disruption for busy homes and lifestyles, and impact in larger areas of the home including hallways, open-plan living spaces and bedrooms. 

With colourways and finishes designed to complement emerging trends in home interior design, each wood hue not only replicates the realistic beauty and individuality of its original source, but also remains easy to clean and practical. 

The collection begins with six Australian designs - two Tasmanian oaks, two blackbutt woods and two spotted Gums. Offering a sustainable alternative to real Tasmanian Oak sourced from remote lumber yards in South Eastern Australia, our Tasmanian Oak and Bleached Tasmanian Oak presents original growth rings and subtle colour variation. With cool, crisp lines, the subtle spotted appearance and large amounts of sapwood within, Mountain Spotted Gum and Lemon Spotted Gum reflect the natural characteristics of this rich, Australian wood.

LooseLay Longboard Embered Blackbutt

Pictured: Embered Blackbutt 

A quintessential Australian hardwood that takes its name from the lower half of the tree’s trunk, North Coast Blackbutt and Embered Blackbutt retains all the natural characters of blackbutt wood.  Sourced from the very north of New South Wales where thick forests merge with the beautiful coastlines,  the oozing sap lines add to the distinctive linear grain and bleeds into the timber for a rich colour tone ranging from pale brown to red ochre. The Embered Blackbutt carries the pink tones of the freshly cut tree, whereas the North Coast Blackbutt has a softer blend of colours.

Developed from a wide mix of wood grains for a truly characterful floor, Karndean’s European Oaks are split into two distinct groups. 

Twilight and Raven Oak offer on-trend grey and charcoal tones for a modern look with authentic knots, lightly brushed grain details and subtle distressed finishes. 

Inspired by aging French oak boards recovered from the heart of Loire Valley in Blois, Karndean’s PearlChampagne and French Grey Oak designs present individual interpretations of this attractive wood through the process of liming, light brushing and adding colour. Whilst the lighter tones reveal cross sawn elements across the planks for an intriguing blend of natural and man made features, the darker tones highlight individual knots and knarls. 

Pictured: French Grey Oak

Finally, the collection concludes with an American inspired wood - Weathered Heart Pine. The detailing in the reclaimed timber replicates both natural open grain and manmade markings for a unique, aged look.

LooseLay Longboard Weathered Heart Pine

Pictured: Weathered Heart Pine

Popular for its premium designs and quick-fit approach, Karndean LooseLay is an innovative format of luxury vinyl flooring boasting enhanced acoustic properties and excellent environmental credentials. Its popular friction grip backing and increased dimensional stability secures the floor firmly in place, and it can be installed over most hard and flat floors as long as they’re clean, dry and dust-free. 

Available to order now, LooseLay Longboard offers a lifetime residential warranty.

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