Da Vinci Limed Cotton Oak

Introducing our new Da Vinci Collection

We are excited to introduce 13 new wood and 11 new stone designs to our long standing Da Vinci range. The new Da Vinci collection is a fresh take on today’s trend of natural look tones and reclaimed designs. 

Taking inspiration from the narrow planks that were standard in early 20th Century homes, the wood effect planks enhance the collection with new, on-trend ‘modern rustic’ designs. 

The 12 stone effect tiles offer weathered industrial, textile, and natural visuals that represent the very essence of our innovative ability to recreate products from the natural world in luxury vinyl tile.

The inspiration for the wood and stone designs can be characterized by natural, reclaimed and weathered, and fabric looks.

Naturally classic

The three classic Oak designs, Natural Oak, Harvest Oak, and Blended Oak, provide a traditional and clean-lined style in shades ranging from light to mid-brown. 

The stones in this group were inspired by natural limestone. Ranging from the pale, sandy tones of Dune to the darker, grainer Sable and Drift, these tiles incorporate subtle design and neutral complexions for an incredibly authentic look.

Da Vinci Limed Cotton Oak

Reclaimed and weathered

With an alluring color variation from plank to plank, our two new Acacia designs and Scorched Oak have been designed to replicate the look of burnt timbers. The other two designs in this group, Coastal and Beach Driftwood, mimic the sea salt worn features of reclaimed driftwood. These distinctive rustic designs offer the natural look of reclaimed timber without the practical drawbacks of real wood such as cracking, splintering, or warping. 

The four stones in this group were inspired by weathered steel for a unique, industrial appearance. Molten represents the striking rust characteristics of the original oxidized product, while Iron Ore and Eisen feature this effect with muted tones. Carbon is the most subtle of the four and the dark color accentuates the original weathering.


Inspired by natural fibers and textiles, the soft muted tones of the four Limed Oak designs, Limed Silk, Limed Jute, Limed Linen, and Limed Cotton, are enhanced with an eye-catching lime washed finish, accentuating the unique grain details of each plank.

Serving as a distinct change of pace from the collection’s traditional stone designs, Burnet, Cambric, and Sindon take their inspiration from natural woven fabric and lightly brushed concrete. These design carriers are a perfect fit for a contemporary space. For those looking to make a creative statement with their floor, the stone and wood designs in each of these groups can be paired together for a blended arrangement. The design possibilities are endless.

Available with a Lifetime residential warranty, the complete Karndean Da Vinci collection now features 14 wood and 12 stone designs.

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