Karndean LooseLay Longboard

Australian Woods

Australia is a land full of unique natural resources that produces some of the most hard-wearing and beautiful wood species in the world. Popular for its natural timber look, here are the three Australian wood species that form part of our LooseLay Longboard collection.


Iron Bark 

Ironbark is a premium native Australian hardwood recognised for its general durability and resistance to insects.


Maintaining the recognisable characteristics of red ironbark with the durability of luxury vinyl, our design team tempered the traditional red and orange hues to allow the product to be used in a wider range of interiors. This has resulted in three distinctive non-traditional tones: the warm tonal colour of Honey Ironbark, the earthy tones of Ochre Ironbark and the beautiful Blended Ironbark which combines subtle blues, greys and peach.


LooseLay Honey Ironbark
Honey Ironbark LLP325

  LooseLay Ochre Ironbark
Ochre Ironbark LLP326 


Natural Ironbark LLP327
Natural Ironbark LLP327 

  LooseLay Blended Ironbark
Blended Ironbark LLP328 


Wormy Chestnut

Sourced from the forests of Southern Eastern Australia, the signature gum veins and contrasting tonal shifts of Wormy Chestnut are formed through the effects of its natural habitat: wildfires, periods of drought and strong winds that cause stunting in the timber’s growth. 


In its natural form, the distinct track feature of this plank is due to infestations from insects. With Karndean Designflooring, get the look of this iconic Australian wood without the practical drawbacks of the real wood.  


LooseLay Australian Wormy Chestnut
Australian Wormy Chestnut LLP334


Tasmanian Oaks

Distinctively Australian, Tasmanian “oak” actually refers to hardwood that originates from eucalypt timbers sourced from Tasmania. Offering a sustainable alternative to real Tasmanian Oak, very little was done to Bleached Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Oak to create the most natural replication possible. Look closely and you will see straight growth rings, subtle colour variation and the occasional burn mark caused by small particles of black ash from forest fires.

The Bleached Tasmanian Oak offers a modern whitewashed finish to create a striking variation on the original. Our designers applied a whitewash across the whole product that also allows the original features to come through on closer inspection. 



Spotted Gum

The Spotted Gum tree can grow to 45 metres in height and flourishes in coastal areas along the eastern seaboard of Australia, ranging from the mountains of the Great Dividing Range to the sunshine coast of Queensland.


The the two spotted gums in our LooseLay Longboard collection – Mountain Spotted Gum and Lemon Spotted Gum – reflect the natural characteristics of this rich Australian wood. Its subtle and characteristically spotted appearance and large amounts of sapwood adds to the blend of features that that makes this product so distinctive. 


A sub species of spotted gum, Lemon Spotted Gum mirrors the finished timber with cool crisp lines and a blended finish.




Blackbutt is a quintessential Australian hardwood that takes its name from the lower half of the tree’s trunk which is blackened by the fierce forest fires that both destroy, and then renew, the Australian environment.


Sourced from the very north of New South Wales where thick forests merge with the beautiful coastlines, the oozing sap lines of North Coast Blackbutt add to the distinctive linear grain and bleeds into the timber for a rich colour tone ranging from pale brown to red ochre. 


The Embered Blackbutt carries the pink tones of the freshly cut tree, whereas the North Coast Blackbutt has a softer blend of colours.




To view our Australian woods in different rooms settings, use our Floorstyle Floor Designer Tool or download our LooseLay Brochure for design inspiration.