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Inspiring Ideas for Your Home Office

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Inspired, productive and confident

Finding a way to distinguish between our working and non-working hours is crucial as we increasingly work from home. Making this distinction will improve our sense of wellbeing and assist us in managing our obligations to our families and our jobs. The key to focusing on the task in hand is reducing noise distractions from other areas of your home and this is where your flooring can really add value. Our rigid core hybrid floors feature a premium acoustic backing to dampen noise transfer between rooms.  

In open-plan living, separating distinct regions of your space is a creative approach to give your open-plan layout a feeling of purpose. A seamless transition from one area to another can be achieved by using different floor laying patterns and techniques to divide a room into its functional spaces, such as your home office, and isolating it from the devoted living spaces that sit adjacent. Our Gluedown range makes it simple to build zone effects that accurately reflect the types of activities that take place there.