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Palazzo Marble

Palazzo Marble

As with all of our luxurious vinyl products, we have taken inspiration from the natural world around us to bring you our new Korlok Stone range.


Our Palazzo Marble design features the classic grey veining that is the signature of the design. The bold veining provides a distinctive look for your space, creating intriguing background colour variation between tiles* and is a truly cool classic that oozes elegance.


The overall natural background colour variation ranges from cooler, contemporary white to warmer shades of antique white creating wide appeal and versatility to suit any space. The bold veining found in Palazzo Marble also naturally varies between tiles to replicate an authentic natural marble look flooring that you will love for a lifetime.




The Origin of Italian Marble

Calacatta marble has long been recognised around the world for its striking beauty and was allegedly Michelangelo’s favourite stone to carve from. It originates from one single source: a mountainous area of Italy known as the Apuan Alps, making the original product both limited and expensive. Calacatta has two essential features: a pure white background and clear, bold veining. These make it unique in the world of marble and our design team have spent over a year developing our first Calacatta design to ensure that our recreation of this beautiful stone, in an LVT format, reflects the original’s quality and aesthetic.


*Please note that this is a feature of the design these products incorporate a high variation between individual tiles.