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Knight Tile




Our versatile Knight Tile collection of woods includes a wide range of tones and styles suitable for residential and light commercial installations. Each plank has been designed to reflect the grain details of natural timber. The collection includes the cool tones of Coastline Oak, the mid-tones of Mid Limed Oak, and the striking dark tone of Shadow Studio Oak, offering a wide variety to suit all spaces.

Our Knight tile collection of stones offers a great selection of effects and styles. Each colour and design reflects a wide range of natural materials from classic pale to contemporary dark stones. The collection includes the classic tones of Grey Riven Slate to the modern look of Honed Oyster Slate and the bold characteristics of Honed Charcoal Slate, giving a collection that covers a wide variety of interior styles.

Knight Tile_RGB_Gluedown.png 

Why choose gluedown?


No expansion gap required: Can bit fitted hard up against walls and fixtures with no need for accessories to cover the gap


Personalisation: With our gluedown ranges, you have complete control over the look of your floor. From the lay pattern to the incorporation of design strips and borders


Glued down: Planks and tiles are permanently secured with Mega Bond glue to the subfloor


Our Knight Tile range is also available in a hybrid rigid core format. Find out more about our dual formats.