Designflooring Durability Explained

When looking for a new floor, most of the time our efforts start with the look and overall feel the floor can add to the space. Ultimately, we all want floors that both look stylish and will last, so the durability factor is one of the most common practicalities that can be a deciding reason for homeowners. 

But, how do we measure flooring durability? 

When it comes luxury vinyl flooring, there are a few key things to look out for if durability is your number one concern.

The abrasion resistance test

Leading vinyl flooring manufacturers will measure the durability of their products using an industry-standard abrasion resistance test.  It measures the durability of the floor when say furniture is dragged across the room, pots and pans are dropped from the kitchen bench or just the general onslaught of family foot traffic in the home. 

The abrasion resistance test simulates actual footfall and traffic use over a period of time and then assigns a rating that reflects the product's appearance retention.  

Durable vinyl flooring with surface protection

All of our products demonstrate excellent wear and abrasion compliance, receiving the highest industry wear rating possible. From our entry-level Knight Tile collection to our most luxurious wood and stone products in Art Select, a Karndean floor withstands whatever life has to throw at it.  

On the surface 

The surface treatment across the top of the product also affects how well the floor will hold up against superficial scratches, marks and stains.  Including, but not limited to, scratches from pets, nails or dragged-in gravel, scuffs from rubber shoes and spilt stains from the dining table, the surface of the floor bears the brunt of daily wear.

Durable vinyl flooring and easy to clean

Our designflooring has a unique surface protection system, K Guard+, that puts commercial-grade durability into the family home. What’s more, it also acts as a barrier against stains that can soon spoil traditional porous natural timber and ceramic tiles. K Guard+ keeps the floor looking good, for longer. 

The big deal with warranties 

Like with any major purchase, a warranty helps offer peace of mind showing that the product manufacturer is prepared to stand behind the performance of its products. 

Durable vinyl flooring and lifetime warranty

Here at Karndean, we’re luxury vinyl market leaders across the globe and we’ve been around for over 40 years. We have experience of how our product performs long-term and part of our ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality products and service. We offer lifetime warranties across all of our designflooring products. This lifetime warranty protects against product wear and manufacturing defects. 

Choosing a new floor is a big decision and depending on your budget, lifestyle or needs, there are many factors to consider. If you’re hoping to create a certain style, why not visit our explore by style pages for inspiration or if you’re building a new family home, be sure check out our family friendly pages for ideas.