Pedigree Entrance Zone  is designed to capture soil and moisture passively as people walk across it. This is because most visitors to a commercial building have little time to stop and wipe their feet where traditional mats are used.  

Pedigree Entrance Zone is an effective entrance system that can either be a loose fitted runner over a hard floor, set into a large mat well or fully installed to the subfloor like a carpet and abutted to other types of floor coverings. 

  • Removes  - Special nylon scraping fibres wipe your feet as you walk over Pedigree Entrance Zone, which provides a passive barrier to soil and moisture from being trafficked further into the building.  

  • Retains - The special nylon absorbing fibres temporarily retain liquids and this, in combination with the impervious backing and general hiding ability of the surface pile, retains and hides dirt until the next cleaning cycle.            

  • Release - The special construction of Pedigree Entrance Zone releases moisture and dirt easily using conventional carpet cleaning equipment. This makes it a breeze to clean and provides maximum appearance retention in busy entrances.  

  • Reduces - The dense solution dyed nylon pile of Pedigree Entrance Zone captures and holds over five litres of water per square metre; consequently this keeps your other flooring investments inside the building looking better and lasting longer with significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Pedigree Entrance Zone  comes in two designs and a total of 12 colourways. When used as a permanent 'walk-off-zone' glued to the subfloor, Pedigree Entrance Zone has an overall thickness which allows it to be easily abutted to all other types of floor coverings such as carpet, ceramics, timber and vinyl. This makes it easily adaptable to other interior floor coverings without any trip hazards.