Cleaning and Maintenance

Flotex Sheet's upright fibres allow dirt to be easily removed by vacuuming whilst creating dust free environments that won't interfere with daily output. What's more the vinyl base makes Flotex sheet a truly washable textile floor covering - making life that little bit easier for cleaning staff.

For General Cleaning 

A regular cleaning programme will minimise the need for major restorative maintenance.  Avoid excessive use of cleaning products. If used, rinse them out thoroughly as residues may attract dirt.  

  1. With a vacuum, remove any loose dirt or dust, preferably with a motorised brush  
  2. Add only 30ml of Flotex Clean-It per 5 litres of water (160:1)  
  3. Wash Flotex with diluted Flotex Clean-It using a rotary or 3-in-1 / cylindrical carpet scrubber 
  4. Remove using extraction equipment. Good ventilation speeds up dry times

For Restoration

After time, you may want to treat your floor to some extra care. Residual detergents coating the  Flotex fibres cause re-soiling, locking in dirt and odours, preventing Flotex Clean-It from working.

  1. Do the Suds test to check for residual detergents: 
       i.  Pour plain water onto the darkest mark
      ii. Scrub with a hard bristle brush. Check for soap suds. 
    A. No suds - use Flotex Clean-It as per the above 'General cleaning'
    B. Suds appear - follow step 2 to 5
      iii. Push the suds to one side to reveal bright clean carpet  
  2. Add only 200ml of Flotex Fix-It per 5 litres of water (25:1)
  3. Scrub Flotex with diluted Flotex Fix-It using a rotary or 3-in-1 / cylindrical carpet scrubber  
  4. Remove using extraction equipment. Repeat if necessary and rinse thoroughly  
  5. Allow to dry. Provide good ventilation of the area or use floor mounted air blowers if necessary

You can download a copy of our Flotex sheet Cleaning and Maintenance guide below or in the downloads section of the website.  For more information or advice on cleaning Flotex sheet, contact our Customer Service Team

Download the Flotex Sheet Cleaning and Maintenance guide