Continuing Professional Development

AIA Accredited CPD 

Earn CPD credits and book your appointment today with our AIA Accredited CPD seminars, 'Luxury Vinyl Tiles; Beauty that works’ or ‘Flocked Textile floor coverings’. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Beauty that works

With so many products on the market it is difficult to get to know each one intimately. To help architects and interior designers keep up to date with commercial flooring products we have developed this seminar to look in depth at the make up, application and suitability of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). This seminar goes in to detail about everything from the manufacture, installation and maintenance of LVT:What is LVT made of? 

  • LVT compared to other floor coverings 
  • Design components and unique designs 
  • EN classifications, slip resistance and technical considerations 
  • Luxury vinyl tile and the environment 
  • Wear layers, thickness, emboss, bevel, adhesives 
  • Subfloor preparation 
  • Ease of maintenance 

Flocked Textile Floor Coverings

This interactive seminar provides an introduction into Flocked Textile Floor coverings. It outlines the construction of the elements and process used to create Flocked Textile Floor coverings and covers the design consideration for a wide range of sectors. The seminar will also clarify the associated technical terminology, and more specifically, the importance of specifying to comply with Australian standards. 

  • What is Flocked Flooring and what is it made of? 
  • How is it made Design and technical considerations
  • Specifying to comply with Australian standards 
  • Flocked Textile Flooring and the environment 
  • Subfloor preparation 
  • Ease of maintenance 

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