Flotex Sheet Flooring | Sotsass Terrazzo for education interiors

Flotex for Education Projects

A practical and resilient choice for universities, colleges, schools and childcare, discover Flotex Sheet for your education projects.

Karndean’s stylish, durable and low maintenance textile flooring helps you to create a safe and inspiring educational environment in which students can learn and flourish. Flotex Sheet flooring is a practical and resilient choice for universities, colleges, schools and childcare.


Helping to create a safe student learning environment

With excellent acoustic properties, Flotex allows you to reduce the noise in classrooms or libraries to encourage concentration while the R12 slip resistance rating promotes safety among excited students. Finally the non-fray construction of Flotex Sheet avoids potential trip hazards in corridors and classrooms. 


Flooring to meet hygienic and anti-allergen needs

A growing number of educational institutions now need to provide hygienic and anti-allergen environments for their students particularly where boarding and housing comes into play. The anti-microbial Santized® treatment of the Flotex vinyl base ensures consistent protection bacteria such a E.Coli and suppresses the growth of dust mite populations - perfect for the education environment.


Durable flooring for high traffic areas

You can specify Flotex sheet flooring for high traffic areas including corridors as well as in high wear and tear environments such as classrooms and multi-purpose halls, knowing that it’ll last for years. Flotex Sheet has a 15-year warranty. 

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