Add strips and borders

Add a design strip or border to your floor

Karndean Designflooring has a wide range of personalisation options to help you achieve a unique look for your room. Why not try a design strip between wood effect planks for a different effect or to replicate the gaps between real wood floor boards?

You can also use design strips as borders around the edge of your room or around a key feature such as a fireplace or kitchen island unit. Thinner 3mm strips can be used as keyline borders or in combination with wider 10mm or 30mm widths to form a tramline design.

Design and feature strips that can be combined with this floor are shown below.

There are no strips available for this product.

Design strips

Create a ships decking effect between woodplanks or use strips as a keyline or tramline border. Design strips are available in 3mm, 10mm and 30mm widths.

Add a border to your floor

There are no borders available for this product. However many of the above design and feature strips can be used as keyline or tramline borders.