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Family fun ideas before the summer break ends

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School has been out for a while and summer is in full swing. With longer, warmer days, there’s plenty to celebrate; though if you have children at home, you’ll know that keeping them entertained is no easy task.

Even with the help of clubs and camps or plenty of play-dates, you're guaranteed to find yourself a little lost  for ideas when it comes to keeping the little ones happy. For those times when the weather isn’t always on your side and your pre-made plans seem to fall through, you’ll need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve - so here are our best picks to see you through a summer staycation.

Beat the boredom with an 'ideas' jar

What’s great about this idea, is that you can have just as much fun creating it as you can have putting it to use. Put simply, it’s about filling a jar or container full of small activity ideas and pulling from it every time you hear those dreaded words… ‘I’m bored!’

Get together as a family and think of all the things you like to do, from making cakes together to playing out in the garden. With a ‘bored’ jar, you can even sneak in a handful of household chores, adding to the thrill of the game as they risk being selected. They don’t need to be big tasks, simple ideas work best from dog walking to finger painting. You can add to them as you go along and squeeze in a whole variety of fun things to do as the days go by. 

Need help getting started? Take a look at this easy printable guide from the Chippewa Valley family.

Boredom jars for summer holidays

Get creative in the kitchen

When it comes to making your own fun at home, there’s no better place to head than the kitchen. From good old fashioned baking to more summer-ready treats, all you have to do is stock up on ingredients, find a little helper-friendly recipe and let creativity fill in the gaps.

There are plenty of fun ideas to make and eat over on Pinterest, including these delicious looking chocolate dipped fruit cones. Getting in all the goodness of a fruit selection as well as a little helping of sweetness to make them all the more exciting. Find out exactly how to make this refreshing snack here.

Chocolate dipped fruit cones


... and don't worry about the mess

If you have Karndean flooring, then you have little to worry about when it comes to any mess that your little ones create. Our easy to clean collections are both child and pet-friendly, leaving you free to enjoy them in the moment and restore them to their former glory quickly and easily afterwards. For more cleaning and maintenance advice, take a look at our online care guide here.

RKP8115 English Character Oak Kitchen cameo

Have some DIY fun

If you’ve taken some time off over the summer holidays, you might just find the time to enjoy a DIY project or two. While real-life decorating might not be a child-friendly activity, there are still plenty of ways to get your little ones involved. The key to this theme is to start off small. Use cereal boxes to craft mini villages and even build play-size houses with the help of a little sticky tape and plenty of imagination.

You can make the DIY theme work for you by getting your little ones to think about their mini houses and you think about your real life one! Take home wallpaper and various interior samples from local stores to add to their creations and enjoy their inspired input when it comes to your genuine decisions. 

Find out how to create these wonderful DIY playhouses here.

Cardboard play houses


No matter what you choose to do, enjoy the adventures and have a great summer break.

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