Your Flooring Project Checklist

Need help deciding where to start? Use our project checklist to help you develop a plan for your remodel or home renovation. Being prepared will help you give your retailer direction on your redesign ideas.

Our retailers are skilled at helping you select a floor for your living space. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit. You may find it useful to also view ‘Guide to choosing your floor’ to inform your floor selection process.

Preparing for your retailer visit

Once you have selected your look, why not put together a mini project folder?

1. Make a note of your favorite Karndean floors and finishing touches or print them off.

2. Then gather together any color references, wallpaper and paint swatches, wall tile and surface samples.

3. Why not take a couple of photos of your room with your mobile phone?

4. Take some approximate measurements of your room(s).

5. You may wish to do a rough sketch of your room shape, too. Don’t forget to note window and door positions and key items such as kitchen or bath units, fireplaces and built-in furniture. If you order a brochure beforehand, there is space in the back for a sketch. If it’s possible to see what’s under your current flooring surface, make a note of it e.g. wood, concrete and if it is fairly flat.

Find a Retailer

Then use our Find a Retailer tool to identify your nearest retailer and take your project folder along with you. They can skillfully guide you through the process, fine-tune your choices and take you from concept to reality!

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