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Our revolutionary App will change the way you buy flooring

Our Karndean Designflooring app for iPads and iPhones lets you see how any Karndean floor would look like in your home.

We know a product sample isn't always enough to help decide which of our floors will look best in your space. Although our samples allow you to feel the surface texture of our flooring, you also want to know what the floor will look like with your cabinets, wallpaper, furniture, bathroom suite - the list goes on.

In order to help narrow down the choices and truly visualize what a new Karndean floor could look like in your room, we've created a brand new Augmented Reality iPad and iPhone app that's sure to change the way you buy flooring.

With access to Karndean's full catalog via the app's Touch Selector, you can view any Karndean floor. You can also take snapshots as you go along, edit out walls and furniture and then save to compare – and then share.

Choosing a new floor for your home is a huge decision. After all, unlike paint colours, cushions and furniture, your floor is something you don't often change, so it needs to be right. In order to help you decide, we've made it easy to email your creations to friends and family to get their opinions. The app is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can easily post your favorites to your profile for friends and followers to comment. Getting feedback has never been simpler!

For the best user experience, please print out your marker - and be sure to print it out in color. Don't have a printer? Email us to request a marker and we'll send one to you.

Virtual Flooring Fitting App on the iPad Virtual Floor Fitting App On The iPhone