UCLA Medical Clinic


UCLA Medical Clinic, Malibu CA
5000 sq. ft.
Seeking a durable and easy-to-maintain floor with an upscale appearance, UCLA Medical Clinic in Malibu worked with designer Daphne Thiele of Gensler design and architectural firm in Los Angeles and found the perfect blend of resilience and resplendence in Karndean Designflooring’s WP511 Weathered Elm.

The clinic is a family physician practice in the UCLA Health System, dedicated to providing exceptional, state-of-the-art healthcare for every family member through all stages of life. In working with her client on the project, Thiele sought to create a model for the health facility that aided in decreasing patient anxiety, while enhancing collaboration, learning, and teaching. "We wanted the materials to reflect the soothing aesthetic of the nearby ocean to promote the natural healing process," she said. "We wanted the facility to feel relaxed and comfortable, while still maintaining all the clinical functions of a high-performing space."

Finding a floor that could withstand the demands of the healthcare environment, while maintaining a beautiful appearance is not an easy task. Intended for the facility’s primary staff and patient corridors, it was imperative that the final product endure heavy levels of traffic.

However, Thiele’s previous experiences with Karndean’s versatile floors in multiple sectors provided her with first-hand knowledge that designflooring would be a perfect match. She said Karndean’s practical and aesthetic qualities have proven to be useful across all types of projects. The floor would hold up to high levels of foot traffic, provide a comfortable surface underfoot for staff, all while providing a high-end aesthetic.

"A wood look was a natural choice for the space, as it provided natural warmth and texture. We chose Karndean vinyl flooring because it offered us an extremely durable, hygienic and practical product, but still offered a perfect replication of a natural wood, with a huge array of colors and sizes to complete our vision," said Thiele.

Ultimately, they decided on WP511 Weathered Elm from Karndean’s Opus range. "I immediately knew this color was perfect for our vision," Thiele said. "It had a beautiful weathered texture that evoked the feeling of a piece of driftwood at the beach. The color could easily flux between a warm or cool palette. It truly looks like natural wood, and I’m sure most patients think it is."

With another successful Karndean installation completed, Thiele said she would absolutely use the company’s products in future projects. Among the many qualities that Karndean has to offer, she cited their great products and customer service as two key attributes.