Karndean uses PU technology to ensure that there is no need to apply an additional surface treatment following installation. It also works as a barrier against scuff marks, stains and fine scratches.

Depending on how heavily the floor is used, if at any time there is a need to revitalize the floor this can be done using Karndean's Remove and Refresh products.

Refresh your floor following these steps:

  1. Vacuum, sweep or dry mop to remove all dust and loose debris (if using a vacuum, please check the ?manufacturer's guidelines to make sure it's suitable for Karndean)
  2. Use Karndean Remove (diluted as applicable) to strip off all grease and ingrained dirt
  3. Rinse the floor well
  4. Apply 2 to 3 thin coats of Refresh allowing each coating to be fully dry before the next coat is applied
  5. Do a routine maintenance cleaning