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LooseLay Installation Instructions

Acclimation of Material 
Please allow 24 hours acclimation of adhesive and flooring materials prior to installation of flooring materials. Room temperature should be maintained between 65°F and 85°F. HVAC system shall be in operation during the acclimation and installation period.

Subfloors and Substrates
Shall be smooth, flat and securely attached, free from dirt, dust, debris and any other contaminants
All concrete floors shall be of suitable moisture content as outlined on the adhesive label. 
Underlayment grade plywood or engineered sub-floor underlayment sheeting are suitable for use with Karndean flooring.

(Please refer to the adhesive label for product specific installation instructions.)
1. All products should be rolled (in both directions) during the installation using a 100 lb. 3 section roller. 
2. Ensure all planks and tiles are free from traffic for 24 hours after floors installed. Floors installed with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) may allow general traffic immediately after installation. 

Karndean K-91A: Tack Set PSA adhesive suitable on porous and non-porous subfloors and substrates with moisture emissions <80% RH or 5lbs. MVER.

Karndean KNA-322: Wet set adhesive suitable for use ONLY on porous subfloors or substrates with moisture emissions <70% RH or 3lbs. MVER.

Karndean 2 Part Epoxy: Epoxy resin suitable for areas with extreme topical moisture or temperature variations. 1-2 hours working time. Recommended for 3 seasons rooms, over metal substrates, and epoxy coated floors.
Floor fitter installing a LooseLay floor

Karndean LooseLay is not only quick and easy to fit, but in a situation where you may need to replace a damaged plank or tile, it's just as easy to replace a piece as it is to fit in the first place. 

See in this video how our fitter, Neil, replaces a plank in only 38 seconds!