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Our guarantee of quality and excellence

All of our products are covered by a purchase guarantee. If you purchase your floor through one of our retail partners you can qualify for a transferable guarantee which can be passed on should you sell your house.

Purchase Guarantee

Download your purchase guarantee here.

Remember to attach your proof of purchase and put it somewhere safe.


Transferable Purchase Guarantee

If you purchased your Karndean Designflooring through a Karndean Retail Partner your guarantee will have the added benefit of it being transferable. This means that if you sell your house within your guarantee period, you can pass the guarantee on to the new owners.

To qualify for a transferable guarantee you must:

  • Adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the Purchase Guarantee above
  • Purchase from one of our retail partners and they will provide us with your email address to enable us to send you your transferable guarantee

See our Guarantee FAQ page for further details about the scheme.