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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Floor

With such a vast array of products and design possibilities to choose from, we have put together a quick guide to help you design your new floor. Your floor can be a simple or as intricate as you'd like, and by following the steps below we believe you create the perfect floor for whatever your needs. Follow the steps below to be on your way to creating a floor that’s just as unique and individual as you are.

1. Choose a Main Colour and Size


From warm, rich traditional colours to cooler greys and more contemporary styles, there are wood planks ideal to suit any room


Choose from a pallete of natural beiges and browns to warmer blues and greens. With tile effects including marble, slate, terracotta, ceramic plus our iconic range of mosaics and pebbles.

2. Choose a Laying Pattern

Create a variety of looks by experimenting with different plank layouts for a classic or contemporary scheme. We have numerous styles and sizes to choose from with our authentic large planks in Art Select and Van Gogh collections to slim and sophisticated looks in Da Vinci.

3. Add a Design Strip

Once you have chosen your main floor colour, you have the option of adding a design strip.

Design Strips Inspired by Wood

Add a strip between wood planks to create an attractive ships-decking effect.

Design Strips Inspired by Stone

We highly recommend adding a narrow strip to a tile floor to create a natural grouting effect.

4. Add a Border

To personalise your floor even further or to help define your space, why not add a border.

Keyline Borders

Use single strips to define a space

Tramline Borders

Use a combination of strips to create more emphasis

Decorative Borders

Choose from a range of patterned borders designed specifically to compliment your chosen floor