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IOBAC Magnetised Flooring Technology

IOBAC is a revolutionary new flooring system that involves laying magnetised Karndean Designflooring products over the top of a metallic resin applied to the subfloor. With a drying time of only about 60 minutes, the IOBAC system is both quick and easy to install. Winner of the 2012 Ecobuild Top Innovation award, we are proud to have been chosen as a supplier of LVT to the IOBAC flooring system.

What is IOBAC?

A fast, efficient and sustainable way to install and replace flooring. Magnetised vinyl tiles fix to the IOBAC metallised floor surface without the upheaval, costly disruption and impact associated with traditional adhesives.

Who is IOBAC for?

IOBAC is perfect for retail environments, hotels, bars and restaurants, as there is no need for extended closing when replacing the floor covering. Whether you're changing the floor colour or texture with the seasons or supporting a promotion, IOBAC makes it simple.

For further information, please visit www.iobac.com or contact them directly at +44 (0)800 148 8610.

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