Guide to choosing your floor

Choosing your look

These questions may help you select your look:

1. What style suits your home - classic, contemporary, traditional? Have a look at our Inspiration pages for style ideas or take a look at an interior design magazine or website.

2. What look are you after - wood, stone, iconic?

3. Which tone or shade might suit your room best? Light wood tones and light stone tiles bring a fresh, spacious feel to living spaces. Mid wood tone flooring and mid stone tiles can be a good match to neutral color schemes. Dark tone woods and dark stones can add real warmth and indulgence to your room.

4. What size of plank or tile might suit your room? If you have a larger space to fill, consider the wider wood planks available in the Van Gogh and Art Select ranges. If a smaller room try Da Vinci narrow wood planks or smaller Knight Tile products.