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Floorstyle interactive viewer

Floorstyle is an interactive tool which allows you to view a wide range of Karndean floors in typical room settings. Choose from various design strips and laying patterns - and in many of the rooms, the wall or cabinet colours – to get a better idea of how our floors look in a more realistic home setting.


Click here to launch Floorstyle.


How to use Floorstyle

  1. Select a room. Choose from 20 different room settings
  2. Choose a floor. If you have selected samples already, your latest will show in Floorstyle. You can also choose from over 125 more designs.
  3. Select an installation design. Choose from different laying patterns, with or without corresponding design strips.
  4. Choose a colour. You can change the colour of the room's walls and/or cabinets in most rooms.
  5. Print or share! Request samples, print, or share your favourites

Please note that although Floorstyle works well on a range of computers and the iPad, we are currently working on a mobile phone version.

Our floors are designed with unique grain patterns and textures which are sometimes difficult to replicate on screen; in particular, our most textured designs from the Art Select, Da Vinci stone and Michelangelo ranges.

Because of this, we recommend you request a product sample or visit your nearest Karndean showroom to see and feel the product before making your decision.

Floorstyle displays over 125 of Karndean's floors so you can try out different looks for your home. The following floors are not yet available in Floorstyle:

  • Shell, Spanish Cedar, German Lime, Columbian Pine and Pearl from the Da Vinci collection
  • Tigerwood from the Knight Tile timber vinyl floor collection
  • Tuscan Red, Florentine Green and Sicilian Green from the Michelangelo mosaic floor collection