BREAAM and SKA Ratings

To assess the sustainability of both new build and renovations there are a number of methods available to construction professionals. The BREEAM and Ska systems look to offer a standard method of measuring the sustainable potential of a building.

BREEAM and BRE Global Greenguide to Specification

BREEAM stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. BREEAM has been developed to help specifiers develop environmentally aware schemes that provide its users with the things they needs to be sustainable. BREEAM New Construction relates to sectors across the built environment including:

There are also schemes across Refurbishments, Code for Sustainable Homes, Communities and In-Use.

The BREEAM assessment rating use BRE Global’s Green Guide to Specification. Karndean Designflooring’s products fall in to a generic A/A+ rating depending on application and specification.

Access to the BRE Global Greeguide to Specification online is free but requires users to register prior to use at

The Ska Rating has been developed to help organisations achieve more sustainable fit-outs. It has been developed in association with Skansen, RICS and AECOM to provide a measure the environmental impact of building refurbishment. The Ska Rating can run alongside both BREEAM and LEED.

Karndean Designflooring falls under the M11 section of the Ska Rating and is eligible for inclusion for the generic A/A+ rating in The Green Guide to Specification.